Why Should You Train For a 5k?

Why You Should Train for a 5kWhy should you train for a 5k? Why should you even think of running one? Why? Because you can. The 5k is the shortest distance event out there, and the most common one to find. If you’re going to run to become healthy, then training for a 5k is just something you should do.

If you aren’t aware, 5k stands for 5000 meters. That is about 3.125 miles.

Most of us are goal-oriented people. The only way we can get work done is by moving towards a goal. Your first 5k race will be that goal. When you cross that finish line, you will feel great, and all that work will have been worth it. If you have a goal like, “to stay fit”, then you will have a harder time fulfilling it. How fit you are is all up to you, it is subjective. There is no one point where you can say that you’ve achieved your goal. If you have a goal like, “Get under 25 minutes in a 5k race”, or “Run my first 5k”, then you will know when you have gotten what you’ve wished for.

Why a 5k race? Why not a 10k or even a marathon? Well, as stated earlier, the 5k is the shortest distance race that can be found, and thousands of them are held all over the country. Being short, it won’t be agonizingly painful for any new runner. It’s the best kind of race for a newbie. Once you’ve conquered the 5k and are thirsting for more, you can move onto bigger and better things, like the 10k or marathon. Or, if you are satisfied with yourself, you could continue your regular training regimen. It’s all up to you.