The Benefits of Running

There are many benefits to running

Why is it so important that you start to become active? Why should you go through all of the trouble to become a healthier person? These shouldn’t even questions that I need to answer. The real question is, why aren’t you fit?

The Physical Benefits of Running

The benefits of running are astounding. It is a sport that almost anyone can do, and is probably the most beneficial to your health. Here are some statistics about the physical benefits of running that might convince you to start running:

  • Running has been proven to help fighting the aging process
  • Running prevents muscle and bone loss caused by aging
  • Running promotes the human growth hormone
  • Running helps fight disease
  • Running reduces the risk of stroke and breast cancer
  • Running reduces the risk of heart attacks
  • Running strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure
  • Running raises good cholesterol
  • Running creates a higher concentration of white blood cells, boosting the immune system

The Psychological Benefits of Running

Not only does running help out your body, it also helps out your mind. Here are some facts about running’s benefits for the mind.

  • Running builds confidence and character
  • Running relieves stress
  • Running improves your mood
  • Running provides you with a sense of empowerment
  • Running makes you feel just plain good

As you can see, the benefits of running are endless, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t start doing it right away. If you begin running, you will never look back.