How to Choose the Right Running Shoes

For any new runner, the type of running shoes you wear is very important to your well-being. Your running shoes also dictate many aspects of your run, including your comfort level, your injuries, and your running experience in general. So, be wise when looking for the right running shoes!

What Kind of Shoes Should You Buy?

There are three main types of running shoes that you have the option of running in, neutral, stability, and motion control. The type of shoe you should buy all depends on the way you run. You have to determine your pronation type.

What is Pronation?

Pronation is simply the way your feet naturally rolls in with each step you take. You cannot change the way your feet pronate. Neutral pronation is the proper way feet should roll in, and if you have this kind, you are very lucky. The other two types of pronation are overpronation, when your feet roll too far in, and underpronation, when your feet roll too far outwards.

How to Find Out Your Pronation Type

The easiest way to figure out your pronation type is through either the wet test or the sand test. The basic concept for both is the same. In both, you must be barefoot.

In the wet test, you have to wet both of your feet with water. Then, you have to step normally on a brown paper bag or something that water will shoe up easily on. Then, examine the imprint your feet make.

In the sand test. You simply normally stand in some sand and check out the imprint that your feet make.

Here are the basic shapes that your feet should make based on what kind of pronator you are.
Determine What Your Pronation Type is

Hopefully, your foot imprint matches one of the above examples. If you still cannot figure out what kind of pronator you are, then you should try going to your local running store. You can ask a store worker to analyze your gait. Most running stores have a treadmill where you can do this.

Go to a Running Store

Now that you’ve found out what kind of pronator you are, you can finally choose your shoes. For your first pair of running shoes, you should find a specialty running store near you, so you can find the perfect shoes for you. Most of the time, the people who work there are experts who can guide you to the right shoes. But, once you’ve found a good shoe, you should be fine to get those shoes from anywhere you want.