How to Get the Motivation to Run

How to Get the Motivation to RunThe toughest part about running is being able to do it with your own willpower, without anyone else pushing you. It’s hard to get off of the couch and to run multiple miles. Luckily, there are many different ways to motivate yourself to stay fit and run.

So, how can you motivate yourself to get from couch to 5k? Well, here are some tips for you!

Write Down Your Experiences in a Training Log

Keeping a training log and writing down your workouts and experiences is very helpful in getting yourself motivated to run. It is a great feeling to watch as your weekly, monthly, and even yearly mileage quickly adds up. Think of it as a game, and your mileage is your score. Try your best to get your score as high as you can! A training log can truly help a lot in getting yourself to run. All you need is a simple calender or notebook.

Remind Yourself of the Health Benefits

There are a huge amount of health benefits of running. All you need to do is keep those in mind whenever you feel like it isn’t worth it. Running is tough, we all know that. But, it will be worth it for everything you gain from doing it. Tell yourself that you don’t want to be an old couch potato who lives a sedentary life. Just check out this article on the benefits of running to see everything that running can do for you!

Take a Break Once in a While

Sometimes, in order to get yourself motivated to run, all you need is a break from exercise. Of course, this will only work if you’ve been running for at least a few weeks. If you restrict yourself from running, you will be so much more enthusiastic about doing it again. This may seem crazy, but you’ll actually WANT to run! Even if it turns out that you don’t, the break will still help you a lot to heal your body from any sore spots or possible injuries.

Set Yourself Some Goals

Whenever we have any goals, our motivation to complete them always increases. This is why you need to set yourself some goals. The perfect goal for any beginner at running would be to run a 5k race. Read this article on Why You Should Train for a 5k to learn why. Also, having a goal to work towards will help you figure out what kind of shape you are in. Some other goals can include:

  • To get my weekly mileage up to 20 miles
  • To finish a 7 mile run without stopping
  • To stay uninjured

You can get the idea. Try keeping your goals realistic to what you can do, as well.

Reward Yourself

Everybody likes to earn a rewards, so they can be great motivation for you to keep on running. Try giving yourself some rewards for every goal that you complete. Rewards for your accomplishments could include buying a new shirt, going out for a meal, or even just a simple day off from running.