Tips for Making Running Less Painful

Hydrating can Really Help Your Running Pain
Let’s admit it, running can really be painful sometimes. From the strain on your legs to the heavy breathing and the fatigue, sometimes it can be tough to finish a run. But, have no fear! Here are some tips to make your running experiences less painful and more fun.

Slow Down Your Pace

Sometimes, we overestimate the capabilities of our bodies and run faster than we should. Doing this makes our running experience quite unpleasant. If it’s too hot outside, then you’re definitely not going to run your normal pace. Try keeping a comfortable pace when you run. You might be running at too fast a pace. Don’t overdo it.

Start Off Slowly

Starting your run slowly gives your body a chance to warm up for the run ahead. If you start off at too fast a pace, then your going to go to go through quite some discomfort. Try running the first mile a minute or two slower than you would usually do. Your body will appreciate it.

Eat the Right Foods Before Running

One of the main reasons why you might be feeling extremely fatigued during a run is lack of energy. You should have enough of the right foods in you before you start running. About 1-2 hours before going on your next run, try eating a nutrition bar or energy before going off. But, you should make sure that it has a nice carbohydrate and protein content with less fat.

Stay Hydrated All Day

Staying hydrated for the entire day is key if you want to run with more power. You should try having a cup or bottle of water beside you as much as possible, reminding you to take a sip every few minutes. This may seem like overkill, but it actually is not. Water is the most essential thing that a runner needs.

Stretch After Running

Are you plagued by aching muscles after a day of running? Although stretching before running is often thought to help you out, it actually doesn’t. The key to stretching is to do it right after you run, when your muscles are warm and elastic. You will feel much better the next morning when you wake up.